EG Inspired: “I just don’t like that Worlds are in NA because solo queue is very bad to play”

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Oct 09

Evil Geniuses kicked off Worlds 2022 with a loss to Fnatic but have since bounced back with a second place finish in Group A. While they are yet to advance from the play-ins, EG only have to win one best of five series today to make it to the main group stage.

With Worlds 2022 being held in NA, there have been a lots of opinions on the level of competition seen in practice. While some pros have opted to spend their time on solo queue servers, most have embraced the champions queue.

When asked about his previous Worlds experiences and how his time at Worlds 2022 was going, EG’s inspired had some things to say about his preference for solo queue and the level of practice.

Despite the level of practice, Inspired has not let it affect his performance on the stage. He finished the Play-In group stage with an 11.7 KDA, the fourth highest for any player and highest for a jungler. He has also picked six unique champions in the seven games played so far.

After losing to DFM and having to settle for a three way tie-breaker with LOUD and DFM for second place, EG have corrected certain mistakes in drafts and game play. They quickly banned the Yuumi in the tie breaker against DFM to avoid a repeat of the last game.

EG defeated both DFM and LOUD in the tie-brekaer to set themselves up for a best of five series in the knockout round. Inspired will face his former LEC counterparts today as EG go up against the regions’ fourth seed MAD Lions. A win today will guarantee them a place in the main stage of Worlds for the first time ever in their history.

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