The Exorcists skins: Release date, event, rewards, mechanics

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Oct 09

Demons and evil spirits have no match for the Land of Dawn’s newest duo.

The Exorcists skins have been released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and feature two new exclusive skins: Exorcist Kagura and Exorcist Yu Zhong. The theme is about an alternate, modern world where humans and supernatural entities co-exist.

Similar to previous events, players need to purchase diamonds in order to participate in the event. Here is everything you need to know about The Exorcists skins event.

The event kicked off on October 3 and will end on November 16.

To access the event, click the events tab in the middle left tab of the homepage.

In order to obtain the skins, players need to obtain Sigil of Exorcism and exchange it with the skin of their choice in the event shop. A Sigil of Exorcism can only be acquired through draws, which cost diamonds. Exorcist Yu Zhong and Exorcist Kagura’s skin each cost 1200 Sigil of Exorcism.

One draw costs 50 diamonds and 10 draws cost 450 diamonds. There is a 50 percent off discount once every day for one draw, while a permanent prize is guaranteed in the first 10 draws.

Aside from the skins, an exclusive recall, killing notification, spawn, emotes, border, and graffiti are up for grabs in the event. These rewards can either be obtained in the draw or in the event shop for Sigil of Exorcism.

Players can also acquire free tokens that can be used to draw in the event by pre-registering. The free tokens will be delivered to pre-registered players on October 8.

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