Liquid qualify for IEM Rio Major after winning the NA derby

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Oct 09

After the impressive run to the finals at ESL Pro League Season 16, NA’s finest have gone 3-0. With their win over Complexity, Team Liquid has managed to qualify for the IEM Rio Major. On Sunday, they will face Evil Geniuses to secure a Legends spot in the first-place decider match.

Team Liquid faced off against Complexity in an NA derby. The teams have levelled up with the European infusion in both squads. But Liquid’s firepower and the brain trust of nitr0 YEKINDAR and daps prevailed. Now they look to secure the Legends spot they failed to clinch in the last two RMRs.

Complexity started Inferno off on the right foot, winning the pistol round to build a 3-0 lead. But once guns came out, Liquid started rolling. Elige and YEKINDAR were going toe to toe, with the latter opening rounds and the former shutting them down. Elige also gave us the highlight of the map with an unbelievable 1v3 clutch. Complexity scraped just one more round together as they went into the second half down 11-4.

Liquid started the second half with an aggressive mid-collapse. The manoeuvre worked and netted Liquid a quick match point at 15-4. A last gasp of air out of Complexity gave them a respectable nine rounds, but Liquid closed the game out 16-9.

Moving onto Overpass, Complexity finally got a good lead going, thanks to the heroics from floppy. Despite this, Liquid built back into the half and edged Complexity out for an 8-7 halftime lead. A won pistol and an oSee 1v3 anti-eco put YEKINDAR’s squad in a comfortable position at 14-7.

What followed was a CT side masterclass from floppy, who singlehandedly pulled coL back into the game with clutches openings and all-around dominance. The youngster put together a 38-kill game and led Complexity to a 16-14 victory, which would’ve been the best at the RMRs so far had it not been for electronic’s 40-bomb.

Ancient began with Complexity riding their momentum from Overpass to a 6-1 lead. But Liquid showed some of their EPL clutch factors and broke Complexity’s economy to come back into the game. Eventually winning the half 8-7. Liquid refused to stop there, battering Complexity to lock a spot in Brazil. Elige led the series with a 1.41 rating putting his disastrous EPL finals in the rear-view mirror.

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