AD attack speed hybrid Blitzcrank in flex roles is how you should play him in patch 12.19

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Oct 09

Blitzcrank is the most unique support champion in League of Legends, the only one who can grab a single target into melee range. Now, he’s about to extend his reach in patch 12.19.

Riot Games buffed 16 champions this update and gave our trusty robot a mini rework. Instead of being imprisoned in the support role, the game developers are finally changing things up, making him more versatile in other lanes.

“Fun fact, Blitzcrank was initially designed as a fighter champion!” they wrote in the patch notes, and are taking this direction while keeping his primary support playstyle intact.

Overall, Riot buffed his attack speed and added increased scaling to all his abilities, which might give him a better chance in the jungle, top lane, in the AD carry role in bot lane with an enchanter or fasting Senna, or even mid lane.

Base stats

W – Overdrive

E – Power Fist

R – Static Field

Not only did Riot buff his base attack speed, they also boosted his attack speed ratio and bonus attack speed from Overdrive (W). At max rank, it gives a whopping 92% bonus, 30% more than previous patches, which is a huge buff.

On top of that, to make him more relevant in the post-Durability Update meta, Riot added a new scaling bonus that deals percentage damage based on the target’s maximum HP. Against non-champions, the damage is amplified, which helps with clearing neutral creeps or minions in lane. All this comes at the cost of only 10 extra mana.

Power Fist (E) and Static Field (R) were given additional AP scaling damage, which makes a case for building Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Blitzcrank.

“I love what Riot’s doing. I love when they do this,” League of Legends analyst and content creator Nick “LS” De Cesare said in his patch rundown. “This I would essentially classify as a rework — an alternate lane rework — because he’s going to get access to a playstyle and items that he never had before.”

Read the full LoL patch 12.19 notes here.

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