NA upsets while EU Thrives on Day 1 of the TI11 LCQ

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Oct 09

Finally The International 11 is upon us. Starting with the Last Chance Qualifiers that feature 12 teams battling it out for the last two spots in esports’ most prestigious tournament. Each region has 2 representatives that are duking it out for the last spots at TI. Teams have come into the LCQ’s swinging, and here’s all that happened on Day 1 of the LCQ. It’s a lot.

The NA and SA teams in the LCQ’s have been pretty overlooked compared to their competition outside their region. However, Nouns, Wildcard and Infamous took games off some of the best teams in the LCQs. Although they are still towards the bottom half of their respective groups, taking a game off some of the big names is a good start. Nouns drew with Secret, Wildcard drew against Virtus Pro and Infamous drew against both T1 and Team Liquid.

Both Western and Eastern Europe are looking extremely dominant in the LCQ. In both groups, the top teams are both teams from East and West EU. In group A, Natus Vincere and Team Secret are both at the top at 5 – 1 and 4 – 2 respectively.

And in group B, Liquid and Virtus Pro both are at 4 – 2. It’s also worth noting that in group B its not just between VP and Liquid, because also tied with them is Xtreme Gaming from China that also has a 4 – 2 score.

Day 1 has been great and has gotten the whole Dota community in the TI spirit. In group A, at the top of their group is Navi, followed by Secret, while Nouns and Tempest are at the bottom.

On the other hand in group B, Liquid, VP and Xtreme are all tied for first, while T1 and Wildcard are tied for last. But don’t fret, as this has only been day 1 of the LCQs. So there is more than enough time for your favorite teams to make a comeback.

The last chance qualifiers go up to October 12, and we’ll find out which teams will earn the last remaining spots at TI 11. You can watch the qualifers on PGL’s Dota 2 stream here. For more TI coverage, check out our constant updates on The International 11 and stay tuned on!

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