100 Thieves Abbedagge: “Even though the Asian teams are still ahead…it feels like the gap is a bit closer”

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Oct 09

100 Thieves kicked off their Worlds 2022 campaign with a loss to PCS number one seed, CTBC Flying Oyster. The outcome of the game surprised many who expected the 100 Thieves team to win against the only minor region in the group. While it’s a disappointing start, there’s still a long way to go in the group stage for the team to bounce back.

Following the loss, Esports.gg spoke to 100 Thieves’ Felix “Abbedagge” Braun. The midlaner shared his thoughts on the game against Flying Oyster, his experience and expectations for Worlds 2022.

Q: Thank you very much for doing the interview Abbe, sorry for your loss today. What are your thoughts on the game against Flying Oyster because it felt they kept on punishing your mistakes?

Abbedagge: “I think we just made a bunch of mistakes that we should have avoided. Then it kind of got out of control, they got very ahead in bot lane and at some point we just couldn’t match the team fight and it was hard.”

Q: So you went up against Mission [Flying Oyster Midlaner] in mid lane for the first time. What did you make of his Viktor and him as player?

Abbedagge: “I thought he plays pretty decent even though he didn’t do anything outstanding. He just kind of did his job as a Viktor, its kind of more on me that I failed to execute and I just really misplayed the Akali this game. So, if you make mistakes with that kind of champion, its very hard once you fall behind.”

Q: Speaking of the Akali , it was your team’s last pick and you’ve had a decent winrate on it in the past. Did you think you’ll need to bring it out early on?

Abbedagge: “I saw a good opportunity to pick it that game. I thought it was going to be good here.”

Q: Moving from the game a bit, you’re back again at Worlds with 100 Thieves. How would you compare your experience to last year so far?

Abbedagge: “I think last year we had way less time to prepare for Worlds. That was part of the reason why we struggled as much. It was really once we arrived. All the Asian teams were really strong. And we were just like catching up last year in Iceland but this this year we had more time to scrim because we were together the whole time.”

“Even though the Asian teams are still ahead and they kind of know the matchups well and the meta as well because they’ve been at the highest level of the competition, It feels like the gap is a bit closer. Like we’re not getting as destroyed in scrims as we were last year. So it definitely feels like the gap is a bit closer.”

Q: Okay, that’s nice to hear. This is actually your first Worlds with a live audience, how did you enjoy the atmosphere onstage from the home fans?

Abbedagge: “They’ve been very supportive today. Sorry, that it didn’t work out. We’re gonna try our best for the remaining matches.”

Q: What are your thoughts on midlane meta from watching Play-Ins and scrims?

Abbedagge: “The mid lane meta is very open. It’s very wide with the kind of champions you can choose. There’s a lot of assassins and control mages on the table right now, so it’s just exciting to show skill expression I think.”

Q: Still on midlane, you have some of the best mid laners in your group and the tournament overall. Who are you’re looking forward to playing against the most?

Abbedagge: “I’m definitely looking forward to facing Chovy because he’s just seen as like the best mid laner in the world. And us going up against him is going to be a great experience to learn and see where i can get better.”

Q: Speaking of Chovy, you face Gen.G in your next game. What are your expectations going into the game especially now that you’re like on the backfoot with this loss?

Abbedagge: “I’ll just take it step by step. I think that they’re very strong but we’re just going to try our best.”

Q: Thank you for your time Abbe, do you have any last words you’d want to say to the 100 Thieves fans?

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