The 3 best heroes to counter Faramis in Mobile Legends

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Oct 09

Faramis, the Soul Binder, is one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s strongest support heroes in the current meta.

Once the least picked hero in the game, according to MLBB stats, the recent Rise of Necrokeep update turned him into a priority pick in both ranked and competitive play. He can set up quick plays with Shadow Stampede, deal considerable damage with Ghost Bursters, and resurrect slain teammates with Cult Altar.

Faramis is a pain to deal with, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are three of the best counters to the Soul Binder.

There’s a reason why Valentina is considered one of the strongest mage heroes in the Land of Dawn. Aside from her high damage output, her ultimate, I Am You, can replicate the ultimate of her enemies, and store it for 20 seconds or until she uses it.

As Valentina, stealing the Cult Altar ultimate is the top priority, as the resurrection effect is a game changer in team fights. Use I am You immediately once you hit level four and wait for the perfect opportunity to release it in team fights.

While she may not be direct counter to Faramis, Valentina will certainly even out the playing field.

Faramis’ sole purpose in team fights is to activate Cult Altar. Fighter hero Yin can stop him from doing exactly just that.

Yin can activate his ultimate, My Turn, to bring Faramis along with him to another “dimension” where he needs to survive for eight seconds. He either uses his ultimate to survive, or accept his fate and give Yin the kill. Without the Soul Binder around, the enemy team is at a disadvantage, and will be forced to back away.

It might be difficult to kill him inside the ultimate’s area in the early game, but it gets easier once you have at least two offensive items. Also, make sure to cast your ultimate before Cult Altar is activated.

Tank heroes usually don’t do well against support heroes, especially Faramis. The Soul Binder is quick and can pass through walls with Shadow Stampede. Akai is an exception.

What really sets him is Hurricane Dance which can stun enemies for a whopping four seconds if hit in a wall. The ultimate also increase his movement to 70%, making it easier to catch Faramis even with Shadow Stampede.

He can stop Faramis from activating Cult Altar with a well-timed Hurricane Dance. If he still manages to activate his ultimate, you can still use Hurricane Dance to stun enemies and wait it out until the duration is over.

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