All 24 CS: GO teams qualified for IEM Rio Major

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Oct 10

The IEM Rio Major is the second CS: GO Major of 2022. The tournament is the ultimate test for the title of the best team in the world, a battle between goliaths. Here are all the teams set to take part in the IEM Rio CS: GO Major.

The Rio Major will be the second-highest prize pool in CS: GO Major history. It’s prize pool of $1,250,000 is lower than only one other Major. The PGL Stockholm Major had a $2 million prize pool but it was also the only CS: GO major of the year.

CS: GO teams qualify for the IEM Rio Major via the Regional Major Ranking events. There are three RMR events: European, American and Asia-Pacific. 

The Legends Stage will see seven teams from the two European RMRs and one from the Americas RMR. 

The Challengers Stage will see six teams from the European RMR and two from the Americas RMR.

The Contenders Stage will see three European RMR teams, three Americas RMR teams and two Asia-Pacific teams.

All 24 teams qualified for the IEM Rio CS: GO Major are listed below. The table will be updated as we get new information.

Green: Confirmed

Team Vitality’s Dupreeh is the only player to have attended 18 CS: GO Majors in a row. The former Astralis member has been a part of several dominating rosters, most notably Atralis. But now, on Team Vitality, a star-studded roster, Dupreeh will hope to lift the cup one more time in Brazil.

The IEM Rio Major kicks off on October 31 and will continue till November 13. It features 24 of the best CS: GO teams who will play across three stages:

The Challengers stage will see Challengers and Contenders team battle it out in an epic 16-team Swiss format. All elimination and advancement matches are best-of-three series, while the rest of the matches will be BO1s in this stage. The top eight teams will move forth to the Legends stage while the rest are eliminated.

The Legends Stage will take place from November 5-8, 2022. All elimination and advancement matches will be best-of-three series and the rest of the matches will be BO1s. The top eight teams advance to the Champions Stage. The bottom half of the teams will exit the tournament.

The Champions Stage takes place from November 10-13 and will feature single elimination matches. All matches are Bo3 series in this stage and the event will take place at the Jeunesse Arena.

This year, the IEM Rio Major will also see Gaules host a special fan fest catering to thousands of CS: GO fans. The fanfest will feature exclusive meet and greets, signing sessions and more. 

With the Major taking place in Brazil, CS: GO viewers can expect a passionate crowd cheering for their favorite teams. Brazil has long been one of the most passionate regions when it comes to FPS games and CS: GO is no exception. 

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