TI11 Last Chance qualifier playoffs bracket, schedule, and results

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Oct 10

TI11 Last Chance qualifier’s group stage has finally concluded with all participants, except for teams from the Americas region, advancing to the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Natus Vincere clinched the top spot in Group A with a 7-3 record. The Eastern European squad won their matches against nouns and Tempest. Finishing behind Na’Vi were Vici Gaming, Team Secret, and Polaris Esports.

Over in Group B, Team Liquid went 8-2 and secured the best record in the group stage. The Western European squad scored wins over Virtus.pro, T1, and Wildcard Gaming. Right behind Liquid were Xtreme Gaming, Virtus.pro, and T1.

Nouns, Tempest, Infamous, and Wildcard Gaming fell behind the pack, finishing at the bottom of their respective groups. The North and South American squads will have to battle their way from the lower bracket at the start of the playoffs.

All teams will now continue their TI11 Last Chance qualifier run in the playoffs in the double-elimination bracket. Only two teams will advance to TI11’s group stage on October 15.

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