PMPL Champions in Turkiye & Western Europe 🏆

Oct 10

Let's take a visit into the European region of PUBG Mobile Esports. In Europe, we have 2 main leagues; Turkiye and Western Europe.


In Turkiye, S2G Esports are able to emerge victorious in PMPL Turkiye Fall 2022. In the League stage, they finished in 2nd place with 782 points (35 points behind Besiktas Esports) and claimed 75 bonus points which also became their Finals headstart points (1 point different than Besiktas). They were able to put up a big fight in the Finals, finally finishing with 303 points, 20 points ahead of Besiktas.

Both S2G & Besiktas will be representing Turkiye in the upcoming 2022 PMGC from PMGC Points.


As for Western Europe, MadBulls hailing from Serbia who acquired PENTA's slot since their cancelled PMPL CIS were able to become the champions of PMPL Western Europe Fall 2022. During the league stage, they were able to rack up a whopping 905 points (117 points behind, another CIS team) and 75 headstart points (3 points behind VPO). In the Finals, they continued their dominance and finished with 298 points (8 points behind HVVP, ex-Navi also from CIS).
However, none of the CIS teams advanced to PMGC through PMGC Points as they did not play in WEU Spring. As for that, Game-Lord qualified to 2022 PMGC.

The Top 8 teams from each region will advance to the 2022 PMPL European Championship Fall to fight for 3 more slots to the prestigious 2022 PMGC.

As a summary, big changes were observed in the Fall Split in Western Europe league as a few CIS teams entered and totally dominated the league as 5 teams from the CIS region were able to advance to the regional championship. Which region of Turkiye, CIS or West EU will be able to claim the regional championship?

(Picture source: PUBG Mobile Esports)

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