The Playoffs are set for the TI11 LCQ – Day 2 recap

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Oct 11

Day 2 of The International 11 Last Chance Qualifiers came and went in what feels like a matter of seconds. Unlike Day 1 of the LCQs that had a fare share of stomps and 2-0’s, Day 2’s 14 games were a lot closer. The round-robin of the Last Chance Qualifiers has ended and the playoff bracket has been set. But before we can dive into the playoffs, lets recap all that happened on Day 2.

Despite North America and South America having some great showings, all four teams representing both regions are in the lower bracket. Unfortunately, throughout the round-robin only one of the four NA and SA teams could manage to win a full series 2-0. Nouns managed to sweep Vici Gaming in a pretty surprising turn of events with some phenomenal play. Although the win did reignite some hope for NA fans, the remaining lacklustre losses and draws didn’t do much to help Noun’s case in the standings.

Despite some hopeful wins and ties for teams of the regions, the teams couldn’t match China and EU team’s dominant scores. Nouns finished with the highest score out of the four teams with 4-6, while Tempest finished with 1-9. Comparing to Na’Vi and Liquid who finished top of their groups with 7-3 and 8-2 respectively. However, the teams aren’t eliminated, so not all hope is lost. The journey is an uphill one, but not impossible. Plus, who doesn’t love an underdog story, especially with plays like this.

One of the last series of the day was Team Liquid against Virtus Pro. At the end of both games, there was a least a 20 kill difference. In Game 2, after a pretty rough fight for VP, they GG-ed out and Ramzes quit out early and fans were quick to notice it. However, Virtus Pro did put out a statement that alluded to the early quit mentioning that the team isn’t at 100%. You can read the full statement here.

After a pretty rough Day 1, the SEA powerhouse of T1 were a bit shaken. But they must of put something in their coffee, because they came back on Day 2 of the LCQ’s swinging. Their play cleaned up tons, and they really got back to their dominant form. Especially in their first series against Xtreme gaming where they 2-0’d the Chinese powerhouse with back-to-back Venomancer drafts. These drafts worked out great and probably gave Dota 2 caster Mike Le Phoenix something to talk to his therapist about.

It wouldn’t be The International without some funny memes, and one of the first of the tournament comes from Team Secret in the LCQ. The carry player, Crystallis, unfortunately met his fate while playing Morphling thanks to his own Trusty Shovel. The classic situation that every Shovel user knows. Where they dig up a neutral creep while 1 HP to maximize the heal. But instead of getting a healing salve, they are met with a Kobold that deals the final blow. The situation got a good laugh out of casters, Crystallis, Polaris, Team Secret and Twitch Chat alike.

Now that the round-robin is over, the playoffs can begin. The matches are going to absolutely phenomenal and no team looks unstoppable. The playoffs begin on October 9th and start at 22:00 EDT on the PGL Twitch Channel.

You can check out our day 1 recap of the Last Chance Qualifiers here. And for more TI 11 coverage and other Dota 2 content, stick around on!

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