TES JackeyLove: “I feel like in the current Words meta, all the champions can be played in the bot lane”

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Oct 11

Group C is spicing up at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. LPL runners-up Top Esports were dismantled last night when they took on the Korean side DRX. TES now sits at 1-1 in the standings heading into a crunch game against LEC first seed Rogue, who sits top of the group.

Following their defeat to DRX, TES AD Carry JackeyLove spoke to Esports.gg’s Jordan “Marn” Marney for an exclusive interview.

Marn: You guys dropped to DRX today. Just briefly, what went wrong for you in this game?

TES JackeyLove: So for today based on our draft, we didn’t have the strategy that we would like to show based on our draft and also the opponent’s team performed so good for today’s best-of-one.

Marn: So a lot of the teams that have come from the play-ins have been playing a lot better than maybe expected. Do you think having the time to play in the play-ins for DRX, could have been an advantage maybe over you guys today?

TES JackeyLove: I feel, for play-ins, it can be a very good warmup, but I don’t feel like this can give DRX a very huge advantage, because all the teams we have we are all practising and I think who is able to get the win really depends on who can make the improvements faster or who can make very good adjustments to the form and momentum.

Marn: Okay, so you guys played Draven today which is a champion you’re famous for. Can you talk to me about why Draven is such a strong champion for you, not only for yourself but in the meta as well?

TES JackeyLove: I feel like in the current Words meta, all the champions can be played in the bot lane, and for Draven, he is definitely one of the quite good picks that can be picked as a blind pick. Also, he can perform a very good role in facing Caitlyn, Kalista, Varus, Miss Fortune, and also Lucian Nami. And sometimes if he can build advantages, he can really play a very huge role in actual games, but I feel Draven really depends on very good synergy together with the whole team.

Marn: Okay, so speaking on the meta, specifically focussing you and your support Mark, Mark has already played a lot of the current meta supports like Leona, etc. Do you think already playing these champions throughout the regular season and in the playoffs gives you an advantage?

TES JackeyLove: It feels like maybe for different teams, we may have different concentrations respectively coming into the actual games. For LPL, maybe Lulu and Yuumi can be very good picks when we’re playing around the bot lane.

And also they can be more useful than all the tanky support champions, so it really depends on the different play styles. I feel like in the current meta, all the champions can appear on stage, there are so many champions we can play, but it really depends on what we need or what the teams need.

Marn: So you’re going into facing Rogue tomorrow with a 1-1 record. Is there anything that you learned from today’s game that you’ll need to change in order to take down Rogue tomorrow?

TES JackeyLove: So I think for today’s game, we just made too many mistakes. We just gave the opponents too many kills in the actual game. So for tomorrow’s matchup, we’re going to just try to perform calmly and try not to rush too much in the actual games, to try to have a very stable win.

Top Esports takes to the rift once against tonight at 00:00 CET when they take on LEC champions Rogue.

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