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Oct 11

Updated on October 11, 11:20 am. (GMT+8): Added new Spirit Blossom skins.

Which League of Legends skin line is the prettiest, and why is it Spirit Blossom?

Spirit Blossom skins debuted in 2020, the same time as the release of the nature-loving fawn champion, Lillia. Since then, a lot of other skin lines have been released, but nothing has been able to top Spirit Blossom’s concept and aesthetic.

Champions featured under this skin line embody the magical characters in tales told during Spirit Blossom festivals held in the region of Ionia.

With over 19 skins to choose from, which ones are worth your Riot Points?

While it’s true that Spirit Blossom is the most beautiful skin line in League of Legends, a few of its skins need a bit of improvement. We have nothing personal against yordles, but let’s talk about some issues with Tristana and Teemo’s skins.

Spirit Blossom Teemo looks whimsical with his big fluffy tail and straw hat, based on the tanuki or the Japanese raccoon dog. He looks straight out of a cute and popular animal social simulation game with his animations.

The kasa (traditional Japanese hat) is a great touch, but it could be a little smaller so we could see Teemo’s model and appreciate his character design.

For some reason, Vex fits better in Spirit Blossom Tristana’s design, especially in the skin’s splash art.

As Taylor Swift’s popular “Speak Now” track goes, we were “wonderstruck, blushing all the way home” and enchanted upon seeing the Spirit Blossom skins of Cassiopeia, Darius, Riven, Soraka, Master Yi, Yorick, and Lillia.

Although Spirit Blossom Lillia looks gorgeous with blue and purple tones, we somehow feel like this should have been her default look to help differentiate her from Neeko’s default colors.

Her particle effects involve a mix of scattered petals and dark blue orbs which looks like a nature version of the Dark Star skin line. Lillia also leaves a trail of blue fireflies when she moves, giving her an overall ethereal vibe.

As for the new batch of Spirit Blossom skins featuring Darius, Yorick, and Master Yi, we were impressed with the details Riot Games put in. Combined, they managed to seamlessly merge these brawny champions into the line’s striking aesthetic.

Spirit Blossom Darius looks incredible in his new form as the Spirit of War. Street Fighter fans might even say he looks similar to the True Great Demon, Shin Akuma.

Spirit Blossom Yorick also looks insane with his well-thought-out design. Yorick’s familiar, Maiden of the Mist, has been transformed into a yokai (an entity in Japanese folklore), complete with her own chilling music.

Brb, we’re off to become Yorick mains!

There are so many great designs in the Spirit Blossom skin line, it’s hard to pick just one and crown it as the best. A total of 10 Spirit Blossom skins stand out from the pack and truly embody the ancient Ionian festival.

The Chain Warden Thresh might have been classified as undead, but he looks charmingly alive (and ready to take your soul) in his Legendary Spirit Blossom skin. While we may have already seen his human form in Riot’s League of Legends: Realms of Runeterra book, his Spirit Blossom skin is on a whole new level.

Thresh is wearing a traditional hakama with giant ropes as an obi sash. The middle of his obi looks like a modified version of the traditional oni (demonic creature) mask. His soul lantern has been transformed into a strange, purple head-familiar tied with a string of ofuda (paper charms). Overall, he looks like a human yokai, and reminds us of the anime character Inuyasha.

His champion dance features a lo-fi beat that plays in the background while his lantern does all the dancing. He also leaves traces of lovely white blossoms when casting his abilities.

The Night Hunter, Vayne, looks relentless in her Spirit Blossom form. She emits a vile vibe while carrying her glowing crossbow.

Casting her abilities leaves a burst of blue butterflies, which goes well with the blue flames that surround her. These could be likened to the Japanese folklore’s Hitodama or spirit orbs. The enemy marker on her ultimate ability Final Hour reminds us of the writing on Ryze’s magic spells.

Out of all the champions on this list, The Unforgiven swordsman Yasuo fits the Spirit Blossom theme the most. He looks like a calm and collected ronin in his splash art, sporting a blue kimono with a stylish pink flower headpiece that matches his white hair.

He summons a fuschia pink tree in his recall animation, which totally reminds us of Japan’s cherry blossom trees.

Yasuo’s right arm glows light blue, which comes out as a beautiful fusion of pink and blue hues when casting his abilities. His Wind Wall is also quite a sight to see, displaying a holographic moving scene of bonsais and traditional patterns in its duration.

Spirit Blossom Ahri is simply divine. It’s everything we have ever wanted the nine-tailed fox to be — whimsical, adorable, and absolutely stunning. It’s the champion’s best League of Legends skin to date, which shows her fox form in her recall and homeguard animations. One of the emotes also displays a mix of her human and fox form, just like kitsune in Japanese folklore.

Spirit Blossom Syndra wins the unofficial best in the splash art department, featuring a breathtaking, intricate masterpiece that showcases the champion as if she’s blossoming out of a chrysalis. This piece of art was drawn by Riot Games Principle Illustrator Chengwei Pan, who admitted that the splash art was “such a challenge” to work on.

Can’t choose which Spirit Blossom skins are the best for you? Collect them all, ranging from 1,350RP to 1,820 RP.

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