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Rendang daging26
Oct 12

We will compare two weapons M416 and Aug with different points of view to determine which weapon is best.

These weapons M416 and Aug use 5.56 ammo.Both weapons have the same base damage of 41 and have auto mode and single mode available in both weapons.We can change mode for long and close range fights.

Aug is a stable weapon with very low recoil on the other hand the M416 is also a stable weapon and has very low recoil.If Aug is fully equipped with all attachment it can be more powerful as compared to M416.

M416 is everyone's favourite weapon because it is easily available in all Maps.Aug is only available in air drop that's why players mostly use M416 due to it's availablity.

Both the M416 and AUG A3 have the same ammo capacity in PUBG Mobile. Players can equip an extended magazine to increase its capacity from 30 bullets to 40 bullets or 50 bullets.

In update 2.2.0 Aug is more powerful after modification.Before modification Aug has very high reloading time that's why players prefer M416 as compared to Aug but now in the last updated Aug reloading time reduced this makes the advantage point for Aug weapons.

What do you think which weapon is best and which one is your favourite?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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