Pubg Mobile Upcoming Custom crate.

Malik hanzla
Oct 12

There is new upcoming custom crate
is available in this month in Pubg mobile Halloween 🎃 season.
In the crate there are many old items available.

In this Crate we can see different upgrade gun skins are listed as M416 lizard 🦎, Eventide Aria Groza , Drop based scar L, Blood tooth vector and one of the favourite gun Hellfire fully upgraded are also in this custom crate.

In this Crate many old Mythic suites are available.There is a Dystopian survivor set and also the Guardian of North set is available in this Crate.

When we talk about old Car skin are available like Golden feather Dacia and Victoria Maiden UAZ is also available in this custom crate.

Which older item is your favourite ones?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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