I thought I was going to lose, but I didn't expect...

molan is coming
Oct 12

At the beginning of the game, I hung up directly.
Because the internet is very sucks, I quit the game directly at that time, It's been 3/4 minutes since I comming back to the game.

3 towers had already been pushed.
Our income is also lower 2000 than enemies There's almost no way to fight back.

Several times the enemy has taken the lord. And it was pushed to the last defensive tower of my house over and over again.
And the network was not particularly good at that time, sometimes soaring to 290+.

I put on my old glasses and am ready to give it a go!Successfully won the game back.

3 of the 5 deaths were caused by network freezes, and 2 were my little mistakes.
Although I didn't get the MVP I wanted,

this match is not only happy, There are also tension, happiness, sadness, sadness, anger, many kinds of emotions.

The game is not only an activity for us to spend time, but as long as you really put your heart into the game, you will find that in fact, every detail in the game has its own unique place!

Thank you for your support!

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