Why can there be hangups in both rankings?

molan is coming
Oct 14

Why do players keep hanging up now?
If you don't play the game well, you scold people, and then quit the game directly.

Just like the mm players in this game, the total damage is so rare.

He hung up the entire game, staying still in the spring.The whole game was 2v5 between me and my boyfriend, very tired.

And badang won't cooperate at all,I Ult have already gathered them all together, but badang is cowardly at this time, he retreats back, if he rushes directly to release his ultimate, he can take a tripelkill, but he ran away.

I've been running over since 6 minutes, I've been guarding the tower, and I've been running around. Sometimes the perfect timing can be lost by my teammates. I am so hard.

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