The TI11 LCQ Day 4 recap – T1 Eliminated, Secret and VP look unstoppable

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Oct 15

The fourth day of the Last Chance Qualifiers have concluded with a some tough eliminations. And with only three matches left in the LCQ to qualify to The International 11, the reaming four teams have some of the most important matches of their careers coming up. The LB semi finals are between Team Liquid and Vici Gaming, while the UB is between Team Secret and Virtus Pro. All that this means is that Day 5’s matches are going to be insane. But for now, lets recap Day 4 of the TI 11 LCQ.

The SEA fan favorite team T1 were swiftly eliminated in the LCQ with losses to both Team Secret and Vici Gaming on Day 4. Although they did show a lot of promise in their series against Navi and against XG in the round robin, it just wasn’t enough against Team Secret and Vici. The dissipating steam from their wins coupled with some unconventional picks in their drafts that didn’t do them any favors.

After their elimination, Topson was pretty quick to remove the T1 banner from his Twitter. So, most likely the two-time TI winner might be a free agent once again. On the other hand, the same can’t be said about his brother in arms ana. But that’s just because he’s pretty inactive on Twitter in general. This isn’t a surprise however, as The International is ground zero for roster changes and players becoming free agents.

Over the course of the LCQ, both in the playoffs and the round robin, there have been some pretty unique drafts and picks. There’s been Topson’s Oracle mid, T1’s affinity for Venomancer, a couple Slark picks, Wildcard’s support Naga Siren and even a Gyrocopter. And with The International in general, its always a delight to see deviations from the meta. And acording to Dota analyst Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, there are only 7 heroes that haven’t been picked or banned. So, we can only hope that during the main event or in the next couple matches, we see the remaining heroes get picked.

Both Virtus Pro and Team Secret haven’t lost a series yet despite coming third in their groups. Top performers of the round robin, Liquid and Navi have been sent to the lower bracket. And Navi even got eliminated by XG afterwards. However, Team Liquid is getting back on their feet to climb out of the lower bracket. Regardless however, Team Secret and VP are stomping their series.

Players from both teams are playing some of their best Dota of their lives. With the duo of Resolution and Zayac carrying games on their backs, while Ramzes becomes a farming machine while GPK crushes his lane. The upper bracket final between the two teams is probably going to be the best series of the LCQ. Especially since the winner gets to claim the coveted qualification to The International 11.

Between Team Liquid, Vici Gaming, Team Secret and Virtus Pro the competition is stronger than ever. Day 5 of the LCQ matches is going to be a blast for the Dota 2 community as a whole. So, stay tuned to for more TI coverage!

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