TI11 LCQ is over! Teams Secret and Liquid qualify for The International 11

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Oct 15

The final day of The International 11’s Last Chance Qualifiers (TI11 LCQ) took place and the TI 11 roster is set. Both Western European teams, Liquid and Secret qualified for The International 11. Team Secret’s captain earned the title as a TI all timer as he’s the only player who’s attended every TI.

While Liquid’s Matumbaman keeps his career going, it was somewhat of a surprise that both teams qualified, as the Dota community figured that at least one other team from another region would qualify. T1 were a fan favourite to qualify due to double TI winners Topson and Ana coming out of retirement to compete for them.

The stage is now set for Esports’ biggest competition. With a prize pool of 13 million and still growing, the teams have even more to fight for. With most of the teams having their first TI debut like Tundra, TSM and Hokiri, the competition this year is going to be stellar. But before the main event, let’s recap the last day of the TI11 LCQ.

With Team Secret’s 2 – 0 against VP, the Team Secret’s captain has become the only TI All timer. Although there isn’t a trophy or actual reward, its more of a record for Puppey. The title signifies that he’s qualified for every International since its debut back in 2011. Puppey has been a founding pillar of the Dota 2 community, as he’s been a consistent face that at all Dota players know and respect.

Team Liquid made quite the lower bracket run in the TI11 LCQ and managing to qualify for the International 11. There must be something in the Western Europe region’s water as both teams from the region qualified for TI. Liquid’s run from the lower bracket Quarterfinals all the way to qualification was superb. With decisive wins against Xtreme, Vici and Virtus Pro, which were heavy contenders from their respective regions.

The win is even better for Matumbaman fans as they get to see his career live on. He’s mentioned that this International will be his last, so thankfully he gets to grace the main event. Team Liquid is looking strong heading into the main event, with solid showings in both the round robin and playoffs of the TI11 LCQ.

As per most tournaments, a unique tournament specific meta develops over the course of the event. With the TI11 LCQ, a small meta has already started. Although its not certain that the meta will carry over to the main event, its critical information for the main event teams to take into account. The most prominent of heroes are Shadow Fiend, Undying and Tusk with pick rates of 44, 38 and 34 matches respectively. With the raw damage output of a right-click build of SF being the most notable meta pick.

It’s also worth noting the popularity of Dota’s newest hero Primal Beast. With 30 matches and an 53% win rate, teams can either run it as an offlaner or mid laner. The hero is great at running in and locking down a enemy core with its ultimate. Additionally, Nyx Assassin has proved to be a great roaming support. With 24 matches and a 66% win rate, avid Nyx players like Team Secret’s Zayac should be something to keep an eye on.

The main event is right around the corner, with the group stages starting on the 15th. The International 11 looks stacked as always, with tough competition around every corner. But as always, out of the 20 teams, only 1 can win and regardless of the winner, it’ll be some great Dota to watch. For more Dota 2 and TI 11 coverage stay tuned to Esports.gg.

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