Cloud9 become first team eliminated from Worlds 2022

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Oct 15

After five games played at Worlds 2022 group stage, Cloud9 become the first team to be eliminated from the tournament. The LCS first seed failed to win a game in the first half of the group stage but came out swinging with a win against Fnatic on Day 4.

While the win against Fnatic was impressive, they did not keep the momentum in the EDG game. The defending World Champions ran the game from the first minute and amassed a 9,000 gold lead after 21 minutes. EDG’s Thresh pick paid dividends again as Meiko’s hook in the early game put C9’s bot lane on the back foot from the beginning.

Cloud9 have been the best performing international team for NA and with them gone, fans will hope for the best from the remaining teams.

With Cloud9 out of Worlds 2022, LCS fans still have Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves left in the competition. Both EG and 100T currently sit in bottom place of their respective groups ;and have a mountain to climb in the second half of the group stage.

100 Thieves kicked off Worlds 2022 with a surprising loss to CTBC Flying Oyster and have struggled to find their footing since then. While they had slightly better performances later on, it has not been enough to net them a win. Moreover, their bot lane duo of Ian Victor “FBI” Huang and Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun will need to step up and perform much better in the remaining three games.

As for EG, they’ve had close games between DWG KIA and JD Gaming but that’s all it has been. Also, the LPL and LCK teams’ coordination in the late games is something EG have failed to cope with. While many expect JDG to clinch the quarter finals, it is still possible for EG to fight for the second spot with DWG KIA and G2 by winning their remaining games.

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