Fnatic eliminated from Worlds 2022 after loss to EDG

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Oct 15

After eliminating Cloud9 from the Worlds 2022 stage, EDG have done so again with their win against Fnatic. Fnatic begun their Worlds campaign from the Play-In stage and only lost once to LOUD. They secured first place in the groups and landed in a very tough Group A.

Fnatic surprised many in the first half of groups with a dominant performance against both C9 and T1. Even though they lost to EDG they managed to hold on for long after a disastrous early game invade. With a 2-1 record in the first half of Worlds 2022, many fans expected them to secure at least a tie-breaker and fight for the quarterfinals spot.

The first half of the group stage went well for Fnatic but the two day break gave all teams enough time to rethink and evaluate their game plans. All the other teams in Group A looked refreshed and Fnatic could not find enough answers for them.

Their first game loss to C9 dealt a huge blow to their chances and they never really recovered after that. Furthermore, the decision to allow T1 pick the Yuumi was a very costly one as it proved to be a deciding factor in close fights. 

Fnatic eventually banned Yuumi against EDG but allowed Meiko to have his beloved Thresh. They also allowed EDG pick the same exact solo lane champions that they did in their win against C9.

Even though they kept the game close in the first five minutes, EDG increased the pressure after that with one kill after the other. Fnatic tried to find team fights with EDG sieging onto their towers but all their attempts proved futile.

With both MAD Lions and Fnatic eliminated from Worlds 2022, LEC fans have only G2 Esports and Rogue. So far, Rogue look like the best bet and last hope for Europe as they already have 3 wins and are a guaranteed a tie-breaker.

However, it is impossible to know how teams will perform in the second half of the Worlds group stage.

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