League of Legend’s New Champion Trailer: K’Sante to add more muscle to the tank role

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Oct 15

During the hype that is the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games has released the trailer for the game’s latest champion, K’Sante – The Pride of Nazumah. K’Sante has been confirmed to be a new tank heading to the top lane. The Twitter video, posted by the League of Legends official UK account, gives fans an insight into the champion’s lore.

‘Another Dawn brings a new day. To continue the hunt. My ancestors built Nazumah away from the ascended and other would-be rulers. But monsters come in all shapes and sizes. I, K’sante stand between them and my people… to the end.’

The trailer is very simple yet effective with K’sante’s voice being the dominant presence over any action scenes like we have seen in past League of Legends trailers. K’Sante speaks about his home, Nazumah. Nazumah is an unexplored city in Shurima that is built away from the ascended and other leaders.

The camera then pans to the table that K’Sante was overlooking. There we can find images of the ‘monsters’ K’Sante would refer to at the start of the trailer.

When Lil Nas X was announced as the creator of the Worlds 2022 anthem, it was also confirmed in an article with Dexerto that the artist would help Riot with the creation of its newest champion prestigious skin.

The skin will be called Prestige Empyrean K’Sante, which will be released on November 3. The skin will be available for players to unlock using the tokens they have collected from Worlds 2022. Although it has not been confirmed, it is expected this prestigious skin will be released to coincide with the champion’s release date.

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