Basic Skill For Best Game. Play #7| Landing skill.

Rendang daging26
Oct 15

Landing skill is very important for any player who playing classic matches.The match condition is good or bed depends on Landing.

Every Maps has its different distance meters for faster landing are given below 👇.
✓Miramar and Erangel
✓Sanhok and Vikendi:
✓ Livik:400-450m.
✓ Karakin: 350m.

The first step for faster landing is choosing the best place to land. You should choose a spot near the plane which is about 800 meters.

In the second step players need to mark the landing location in Map it helps to show the distance measurement in Map.

During landing move your joystick 🕹️ in 45° degree angle it helps to increase landing speed.

This skill is very helpful for rush game play or landing on hot drops.

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