EG avoids throwing, beats PSG.LGD 2-0 in TI11 group stage

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Oct 17

Evil Geniuses has defeated PSG.LGD in their second game of The International 2022. The North American team defeated the Chinese powerhouse 2-0 in a surprise result. The win propels EG to the top of the standings early in the group stage. 

In a series that provided a quick stomp, and then a concerns of a 322 situation, Evil Geniuses were able to display that they truly are in TI form. PSG.LGD, on the other hand, sparked concerns that the team is struggling to bring its regular season performances to the international stage.

EG started their successful TI11 series with a stomp. The NA staples crushed multiple-time TI finalists PSG.LGD in Game 1, thanks to getting some of the most prioritized picks in the current meta. 

Picking up the Primal Beast for Abed “Abed” Yusop, and the Enigma for Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko, the team was poised for victory from the get go. But the real star of game one was Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, who delivered an incredible Shadow Fiend game that saw him finish 10/0/5.

Game Two was seemingly more of the same. After 21 unanswered kills, it seemed like PSG.LGD would simply roll over for the North Americans. But seemingly to live up to their reputation alone, EG began to throw. But luckily the admin of had no work to do today, as EG closed out Game 2 to complete the 2-0

The loss here, and previous loss to Hokori has really shone a light on the fact that LGD are struggling. Earlier in the month, leaked conversations of the team’s coach, Xiao8, suggested they hadn’t won a srim against Team Liquid, and the team was glad they weren’t in Last Chance Qualifiers.

Ultimately, many expected LGD to be one of the strongest teams at TI. However, this performance has showed that the team may not be as invincible as previously thought. Having been so great for so long, and with most fans used to a PSG.LGD that dominates on the international stage, its a huge surprise for them not to deliver.

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