Team HAQ dethrone MPL MY champion, will fly to M4 for the first time

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Oct 17

The new kings of Malaysia have been crowned.

Team HAQ upset defending champion Todak, 4-2, in the grand final of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia Season 10 (MPL MY Season 10) on Sunday, October 16, at the Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The newcomers, comprising former members of Orange Esports, had to compete in the qualifier this season to secure a slot in the league. They finished second in group A of the regular season with an 8-5 score to ensure an upper bracket advantage in the playoffs.

After losing to Orange Esports in the upper bracket playoff with a 0-2 score, they fought their way into the lower bracket against RED Esports, RSG MY, and Orange Esports again to book a grand final showdown with the defending champion.

Team HAQ opened the first two games with a bang thanks to Muhammad Syafizan “Garyy” Najmi, who had a stellar performance on Karina (8/2/4 KDA) in game one and Dyrroth (11/1/7 KDA) in game two.

Todak answered back in game three after locking in an unusual jungle Gusion and midlane Minotaur, which caught Team HAQ off guard. It was a back-and-forth affair in game four until the 11-minute mark, where the defending champion secured a four-man wipeout to equalize the series.

Tied 2-2, Todak went with another midlane Minotaur and Bruno combo. Team HAQ countered the crowd-control-heavy lineup with Diggie.

It was an effective pick. Team HAQ secured a four-man wipeout in the midlane 12 minutes into the game after Muhammad “CikuGais” Fuad’s Minoan Fury ultimate was canceled by Diggie’s Time Journey, which led to Team HAQ’s counterattack and the eventual match point series.

Only needing one more win to secure the championship, HAQ went with their comfort picks of Karina, Claude, and Grock against Todak’s Mathilda and Faramis. It was a one-sided affair as Garyy’ Karina secured five kills in just five minutes of play.

After Poh Chun “Panda” Wai’s Claude secured a Maniac at the seven-minute mark, Team HAQ secured the Lord and pushed all three base turrets of Todak. With no more turrets remaining and the Lord closing into the exposed base, Team HAQ went straight to the crystal to get the 4-2 victory.

In addition to representing Malaysia at the M4 World Championship, they will also be taking home the lion’s share of the US$100,000 prize pool.

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