PSG.LGD penalized by Valve at TI11 after failing to report COVID-positive staff

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Oct 17

Chinese team PSG.LGD is being punished by Valve for failing to promptly report a positive COVID case in their team at The International 11.

PSG.LGD’s general manager, Pan Fei, tested positive for COVID and immediately began self-quarantine, according to an announcement from the organization’s Weibo today, as translated by ONE Esports.

The general manager was not part of the officially registered party of eight attending TI11, and LGD thus failed to immediately report the illness to Valve.

Valve will therefore penalize the Chinese team during the team’s group stage games on October 17.

These penalties will be enacted immediately tomorrow. The punishment could be a blow for a team seeking to secure their upper bracket placement in the playoffs, after coming off a lossless day two against in-form squads OG and Team Liquid,

As of day two of the TI11 group stage, the Chinese team sits joint-third in group A, behind RNG and Evil Geniuses, and tied with OG.

The organization assured that other members of the PSG.LGD team, including the players and coach, continue to test negative for COVID, and will therefore operate normally.

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