Tips for best combination of guns and scopes in pubg mobile

Aleena Zafar
Oct 18

The most usable Guns on PUBG Mobile are M416, Scar-L, AKM and M762. Everyone likes to use these guns.

I am going to share some tips with you guys about which scope is best with which gun.

1) Scar-L

Use scar-L with 2x. It is a perfect combination for long range.


M762 with Holo is the best combination for close range and M762 have best recoil with holo


It is best to use AKM without scope.


M416 is everyone's favorite gun. For close range use M416 with Reddot and for long range, the perfect combination is M416 with 6X.

Use these tips practically and let me know if you are agreed with me? also share your tips if you have any.

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