Perfect attachments for M416+M762+Scar-L

Aleena Zafar
Oct 19

I am going to share a little information, but it will be very helpful to make your recoil better.
First of all we have to know about attachments.
1) suppressor
It is best if your are camping because it will reduce the sound of fire and your position will be hidden and it is difficult for a player to spot the flash of a will not effect your recoil.
2) Flash Hider
Best for long range. It will reduce the recoil and it harder for a player to spot the flash of a gun but show the fire print in map.
3) Compasator
If you are playing open minded or without rank pushing it is best to use compasator. It is best for long range and also best for recoil control and for accuracy and also best for fastest aim.
1)Lasser Sight:
Best for close range. It will reduces bullet deviation and increase the chance of connecting bullets to enemies.
2) Thumb Grip:
It is the best while it comes to opening the scope (open scope fastly) and help in aming enemy quickly.
3) Half Grip:
Best for long range fight it will reduce the recoil.
4)Vertical Grip:
It is best for recoil and will reduce the recoil but your aim will slightly move to left or right.
5) Light Grip:
It will not effect your recoil but it will higher the fire rate and speed.
6) Angled Forgrip
Best of all better for both long range and short range.

As I mostly use M416 with Flash Hider+vertical grip what would you like? And  What would you think which attachment is best? You have any tips to share?

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