Estes tricks that 99% of people don't know about!

molan is coming
Oct 19

Last night, I remembered that Alice could be paired with the Frozen Staff.
Then I wondered if estes could use the frozen staff as well?🤔
It turns out that it is possible,Estes can indeed be combined with frozen, and they are quite perfect.
Then I played classic with three of my friends and it turned out amazing!🌝
I was very surprised when the battle started, the enemies were all mac dmg!!!
Is the title going to become "Battle against 5 mac dmg"?😅😅😅
Then, I commanded my teammates.
Whenever a teamfight is about to start, I have them rush to the front. Then it is crazy to help them make up hp.😗😙😚
A few times Aamon wanted to come over and give me an ult! As a result, i used the freeze and I am immune to all his damage🤣🤣

Only at the end did I find out what yin in our team was doing? Even though I lost the game, I still got 29 assists. I'm satisfied.

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