New M16 Royal pass Available now.

Malik hanzla
Oct 20

New Royal pass M16 is available Now, October 20th.There new excited item are in new Royal pass.

At 1-Rp Two legendary items are available there is one Legendary DJ Dancer set and Grain Revolution UMP 45.

At 10-Rp there is one unique legendary glorious Ruins helmet ⛑️ and 20-Rp one epic (legendary sisters) parachute

There is one Legendary colourful Airplane 🛫 Unknown destination finish is rewarded at 30 Rp.There is also beautiful legendary colour explosion 💥 AKM skin is available at 40 Rp.

At 50 Rp there is a wonderful One Mythic suite is Rewarded in M16 Royal pass.

Which Items do you like the most in the new Royal pass ? Share your Feedback .

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