Gen.G Ruler: “I think the gap[between major and minor regions] is definitely closing”

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Oct 21

Gen.G have begun their Worlds 2022 campaign with a slightly less dominant look that fans became accustomed to in the LCK summer split. Nonetheless, they’ve secured two wins and currently sit in second place in Group D.

Following their game against CTBC Flying Oyster, Gen.G’s AD Carry Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk spoke to the media in a post-match scrum.

While the LPL, LCK and LEC remain the dominant forces in the event, minor region teams like the PCS’s CFO have impressed many with their abilities. Their performance also surprised Gen.G’s Ruler who admitted that he did not expect them to pick Pyke and it made the game more challenging.

Furthermore, Ruler also noted the improvment he had seen at Worlds 2022 and believed the gap was no longer as before.

CFO has already beaten 100 Thieves and were able to make the game against Gen.G the longest in the group stage so far. While they sit in third place, they’ve certainly showed that they can compete consistently with the major region teams.

Gen.G entered Worlds 2022 as tournament favorites by many viewers but their loss to RNG have put question marks around them. Regardless of the expectations, Gen.G are trying to enjoy their time at the event.

“Since we’re here as the first seed of the LCK i do feel that pressure but we’re just trying to enjoy that,” said Ruler.

Moreover, Ruler is confident in his own and his team’s abilities for the tournament. When asked about their main strength, the player shared his opinion on what made Gen.G a great team.

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