Matthew of Thunder Awaken shares he has a stomach infection, continues to play TI11

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Oct 21

Support player of Thunder Awaken, Farith “Matthew” Puente reportedly shared a health problem that he is suffering in the midst of The International 11 (TI11) Group Stage. He shared on his Instagram that he went to the hospital on day 2 of TI11 (October 16th) due to a stomachache and is later diagnosed with an infection. Despite the health problem, Matthew continues playing at TI11.

Fifteen hours ago on his IG story, Matthew posted a picture of him being treated. His caption explained that he woke up at 3 AM (October 16th) due to a horrible stomachache and was rushed to the hospital. He said that he suffers from a stomach infection but the hospital has yet to figure out the source. After 6 hours at the hospital, Matthew returned to the venue to prepare for Thunder Awaken’s match against Entity. Thunder Awaken lost the series 0-2.

A Reddit user translated his Instagram story caption:

“A summary of my day, I woke up at 3 AM with horrible pain in my stomach. I was rushed to the hospital for emergency, blood tests (I hate needles). I was there from 4 AM until 9 AM at the point of serum and it turns out I have an infection but they don’t know where it’s coming from. They asked me to come in for 2 days so they can find out what it is but I decided to come back at 9 AM because we (TA) were playing Entity at 10 AM. In the end, the day ended well. Thanks for all the support.”

Matthew is capable to continue playing TI11. However, a source at the event told that he was deemed unfit to play for several days. Thunder Awaken now sits in the middle of Group B’s standings with a 6-4 scoreline.

This is not the only health case tainting the prestigious TI11. Yesterday, PSG.LGD suffered a punishment due to its team manager not reporting COVID infection in time. Today, Royal Never Give Up’s midlaner, Lu “Somnus” Yao tested COVID positive causing his team to forfeit Game 2 against PSG.LGD.

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