OG Misha can’t reconnect to match against Team Liquid, Valve steps in

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Oct 21

The OG vs Team Liquid series in TI11 Group Stage faced a massive delay when Mikhail “Misha” Agatov stumbled upon a Reconnect bug. In the middle of Game 1, OG Misha disconnected from the game and isn’t able to reconnect.

Through the in-game all-chat, Yuragi (Artem Golubiev) stated “he abandoned” and the team said to play “4vs5”. Taiga (Tommy Le) then typed “he disconnected and didn’t have reconnect button.”

Today is the 3rd day of TI11 Group Stage and the two Western Europe (WEU) powerhouses clashed in a BO2. The first game unfolded heavily in OG’s favor with them holding a 14K gold lead. However, at minute 26, OG Misha paused the game and failed to reconnect. The series was delayed for 2 hours and Valve stepped in to solve the Reconnect issue.

OG currently sits in the middle of Group A’s standings with a 7-5 scoreline. The team trails behind Hokori, RNG, PSG.LGD, and Evil Geniuses. Team Liquid holds the same score as OG and this series will decide which team grabs the lead.

For years, there have been tons of complaints when it comes to the Reconnect button in Dota 2 – leading to players abandoning games or being unable to reconnect. Official matches are no exception.

This case has happened before in an official Southeast Asian (SEA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Division I match between Motivate.Trust Gaming and Execration. In a BO1 tiebreaker series that would determine relegation, Motivate.Trust Gaming suffered the ‘abandon bug’. It led to the series being played 4 vs 5 and MTG ultimately lost the BO1 and was relegated to Division II.

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