RNG Dota 2 team tests positive for COVID at TI11

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Oct 21

RNG have forfeited Game 2 of their series against PSG LGD. Somnus has tested positive for COVID, the org confirmed on their official Weibo shortly after. This development comes soon after PSG LGD were fined for failure to disclose a COVID positive case on their team.

Update 1: Somnus is playing for RNG in their next match (against Hokori)

Update 2 : The entire RNG team has tested positive for COVID.

RNG’s Somnus came in contact with PSG LGD’s manager yesterday as per unconfirmed reports. Despite testing negative during a COVID test last night, Somnus insisted on playing in today’s match against PSG.LGD. However, by Game 2 he did not feel well and the team had to forfeit the game.

The players underwent COVID testing soon after and RNG has confirmed Somnus is COVID positive. This presents a difficult situation for RNG who still have a few games remaining in the group stage.

The TI11 group stage has 20 teams competing for the 18 available playoffs spots. Despite the COVID situation improving world-over, it is still a very dangerous possibility. Today, RNG withdrew their Game 2 versus PSG.LGD despite having a strong showing in the series. While there has not yet been an official statement, the team stated medical reasons for its forfeiture.

RNG Somnus has tested positive for COVID., RNG confirmed on their official weibo. The player is reportedly in the hospital.

At the start of Day 3, RNG were at the top of their group, having won four series and tying one. They had a 9-1 score, highlighting the team’s dominance through the TI11 group stage. While their recent forfeiture should not adversely affect their position for now, the team still has two more series to play. 

They are scheduled to face off Hokori later today and they face team OG on the final Group stage day. RNG Somnus is currently competing in their match against Hokori.

Earlier PGL fined PSG LGD for failing to disclose case(s) of positive COVID results on the team. The general manager of PSG.LGD, Pan Fei was discovered to be positive on October 13th. He reportedly self-isolated after positive test.

This year Valve has allowed the registration of only eight people per team in the official party. PSG General Manager, Pan Fei, was not part of the team’s official TI11 party and did not feel the need to disclose his positive status to the tournament organizer.

As part of the punishment PSG LGD will lose their first pick priority in their Dota 2 series vs RNG. At the same time the spare pick and ban phase time in the matches against BOOM Esports and Gaimin Gladiators will be reduced. 

The TI11 Group stage features teams playing each other in a round-robin format. All matches are best-of-two series and the bottom two teams will be eliminated.

The Dota 2 TI11 tracker provides regular updates on TI11 group stage standings, team results, format and prize pool. 

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