TI11 Playoffs bracket set: 16 teams compete in the Main event

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Oct 21

The TI11 group stage has come to an end resulting in heartbreak for some regions and a sigh of relief for others. Out of the 20 teams that kicked off the group stage, only 16 have made it to the playoffs. Now every match matters, every placement could result in hundreds of dollars of more prize pool and a better placement at TI11. Here’s the TI11 playoffs bracket and everything we know.

The group stage saw two groups of ten teams each competing in a round-robin format. The top four teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs. The next four teams will be competing in the lower bracket Round 1. 

The lower bracket Round 1 has eight teams competing in four best-of-one matches. 

The losers of these matches will be eliminated from TI11, their dreams coming to an end. As for the other teams, they chug on in the playoffs bracket, but with no room for error. A single loss would mean the end of their TI run.

The  upper bracket has four teams – each team having two chances of making it to the Grand Finals. 

There’s a 1 day break after the group stage and teams resume play on the 20th, starting with the Bo1 lower bracket matches.

This year Valve has adopted a different approach for TI11 with the battle pass spanning through two parts. The first part of the battlepass takes place before TI11 while the second part, along with multiple features of the battle pass releasing after TI11. 

25% of all battle pass proceeds from before TI will go towards funding the TI prize pool. Valve has still not revealed its plans for prize pool collected after TI11. 

Esports.gg will have exclusive access to TI11 in Singapore with multiple reporters and videographers on site. So bookmark Esports.gg-Dota 2 for regular content updates and exclusive access.

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