TI11 Bingo! download, rules, explanation

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Oct 21

The International 2022 has officially started, and with it, we’ve created our very own TI11 Bingo Card. A staple of professional wrestling fandom, the event Bingo Card, is the best way to add a little spice to your viewing experience as you tick off predictions. What’s more, you can have a bit of fun with the jokey predictions, or work out which lines are likely, and which have just no way to happen.

Here is our TI11 event bingo card:

Here’s the TI11 bingo card. You can right-click on the image to save, or click on it to open a larger version for download.

To play at home, all you need to do is download the bingo card, and then open it in your choice of image editor, or just use the draw tool on your phone. You could even print it off, but who owns a printer anymore?

Then, as the Nostradamus-like predictive power of the bingo card comes into play durin TI11, you can fill it in. Get a line of five and that’s BINGO!

Share your bingo cards on social media, and other people can track and enjoy as well. And don’t worry if you miss something, or you’re not sure if something can be marked off—It’s just a bit of fun! TI is already a great watch experience.

TI11 is ongoing now. Tune into our live updates, and keep your eyes locked on Esports.gg for more coverage and TI fun!

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