Fnatic falls to Gaimin Gladiators on TI homeground

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Oct 21

The International SEA crowd has to say goodbye to one of the region’s strongest teams, Fnatic who has just been eliminated from the tournament. The intense best-of-one elimination match against Gaimin Gladiators happened in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs. Fnatic bows out of the tournament, leaving BOOM Esports to carry the SEA torch.

The match started with an even pace with Fnatic only slightly leading the game. They were taking down Gaimin Gladiators’ defense one by one and slowly marched forward to destroy Dire’s Ancient. Gaimin Gladiators later started a very crucial Roshan contest, with Fnatic managing to counter it and take the Aegis for themselves. This surfs them up to the Dire base, ready to bring down the European team. However, Gaimin Gladiators were able to defend their high ground with Boom’s Storm Spirit finding the perfect comeback openings with his Aghs.

Storm Spirit’s Electric Vortex, buffed from Aghanim’s Scepter easily controlled the opponents and gained Gaimin Gladiators some space and time. After a strong high ground defense, they were able to electrify Fnatic and left them burnt on the ground fight after fight.

Unfortunately for Fnatic, they will go back home in 13th-16th place. The TI’s prize pool is not yet finalized but they are expected to bring back about $250, 000 USD.

In a post-match interview, Erik “tOfu” Engel explained how they were able to make the comeback they needed. “We delayed the game until we are certain we can win, like we gave up some barracks for example, cause we know we’re too weak at this point” he explained. “And eventually Boom gets his Aghanim’s and gets some amazing bolts and that’s the way back into the game”.

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