RTZ shut down as Thunder Awaken dominate EG in first match of TI11 playoffs

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Oct 21

The first match of The International 2022 took place and it was some of the best Dota we could have asked for. The debut match of NA’s last hope EG and the kings of SA Thunder Awaken faced off in an intense series. Thunder Awaken managed to absolutely dismantle EG in the first TI11 match and shut down one of the most drafted heroes of the tournament so far.

A few years ago it would of been a miracle that any South American team would be at the International. But now, at The International 2022, there are 3 South American teams; Thunder Awaken, Hokori and Beastcoast. The fact that Thunder Awaken made it to the upper bracket of TI11 alone is a triumph for the region.

But their win in the series against the odds propelled the South Americans to new heights. With their guaranteed top 6 finish by closing out the series, they’ve tread where no SA team has gone before. Thunder Awaken’s TI11 run isn’t close to over, but they’ve achieved the highest that any other South American team has gotten at The International. The winner’s interview with Thunder Awaken’s Jose “Pandaboo” Hernandez really says it all.

The tributes to the Dota gods trend continues with Thunder Awaken’s Pandaboo shaving his head. When the teams entered the stage and Pandaboo graced the crowd with a shiny head graced by the gods. The first series of the International was an intense one to say the least for the last hope of NA and the SA underdogs.

The tribute worked worked wonders, as the debut match of TI11, Thunder Awaken stabilized after a rough early game and crushed EG in game 1. Even with Pangolier, who was 0 – 7 prior to the match was no match for the gift to the gods. The Dota gods’ grace continued to shine in game 2, with Thunder Awaken shutting down EG is game 2 even harder than in game 1.

After the Last Chance Qualifier, Shadow Fiend was one of the most picked heroes. With 72 picks, 80 bans and a 54% win rate. However, despite the high pick rate and win rate of Shadow Fiend, Thunder Awaken seem to have the answer. In both games, EG picked up SF on Arteezey, first paired with a Sven and then in game 2 paired with a Clockwerk. But despite SF being the bread and butter of EG, Thunder Awaken could do nothing to stop the onslaught of TA.

Its hard to tell whether its specifically a hero pick or Thunder Awaken as a whole that know how to play agaisnt SF. Both games featured Thunder Awaken picking up Tiny as both support and carry might be the answer. But also it could be the fast momentum based play style that Thunder Awaken excel with. Both stats of the games are available through Dotabuff here.

Although EG did lose the first series of TI11, the last hope of North American Dota still holds on at the International. Evil Geniuses have been sent to the lower bracket and will face off against the loser of PSG.LGD and Team Secret. There is still hope that they can make a incredible lower bracket run. But, you’ll have to tune in to Esports.gg to find out.

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