Chasing The Crown

Oct 21 · Moderator

It is expected that Thailand teams going to perform well today, and they definitely didn't disappoint. 3 Thai Teams is currently on top of the leaderboard which includes TEM entertainment, FaZe Clan, and The Infinity.

DXavier from Vietnam as defending champion does not disappoint as well as they are not actually that far behind to chase the crown again, one good game and they're one of the contender.

4Rivals in the other hand, despite not having any chicken dinners, is actually the best team out of the 16 teams in SEA Finals. If the bonus points doesn't apply to this tournament, 4Rivals would be at #1 today.

What do you think about the tournament so far? Do you think 4Rivals can redeem their loses in PMPL SEA S4 and become the champion? Tell me your opinion below.

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