Throwback noob’s COD gameplay 🤣

Oct 22

Howdy guys, I’m here today to share with you guys one of my favorite game franchises,
Call of Duty😍😍
I played a few series of the COD, such as Black Ops 4, The modern warfare, the Cold War🥶, COD mobile and the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty, Warzone!

I remembered back to the movement control order (MCO) days, I always up until late nights trying to get WWCD in the Warzone. It was such a fun game!

I got one moment recorded down when I first played COD which is the first ever battle royale mode in COD’s history- Black Ops 4 back in 2018. I was playing on a PlayStation and so noob At controlling the joystick 🤣 u can tell if finish watching the video

I was so lucky and got first kill ever in this gameplay 🤣

Anyone play COD? Please comment down 😍

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