AMR Comparison With AWM

Kaya toast4887
Oct 22

AWM has a bullet speed of 945m/s and AMR has a bullet speed of 1100 m/s. Not very surprising that both the sniper have the same range of 1100m But AMR Advantage On Fir Speed. In terms of the rate of fire, AMR leads with 100 rounds per minute whereas AWM has a rate of fire of 27 rounds per minute AMR has a slightly higher hit point than AWM. But the gap isn't that big.AMR's 4 percent higher damage compared to AWM can't make a difference as these two weapons can kill players with level-3 helmets in just one shot. When it Comes to Ammunition Both Guns are air drop Weapons and there own unique amo Amr Come With Only 10 Rounds Of Ammo Other Side AWM Come With 25 Rounds of Ammo. AMR have Not Any Attachment On Other Side AWM have Muzzle and Mag And Stock Also This in Advantage to AWM . Other Side AMR Advantage In vehicles Blast And If someone Campaign On back Side of Vehicle AMR Kill Him. What do you think which weapon is best and which one is your favourite?
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