Basic Skill For Best Game Play #9 | Spot the enemy in water.

Rendang daging26
Oct 22

Spot the enemy under water.

This skill is helpful to find the enemy under the water and kill them also useful for Rank Push in classic Erangle matches.

Sometimes during landing time the enemy doesn't have a weapon to jump in water for escape from the situation
It's very difficult to kill them and enemy continuously changes their location under water.

You use this trick to follow the given steps in pictures 🖼️ and kill the enemy those how camp under the water.

Sometimes the last circle shifted towards Military Base due to fear of bridge 🌉 camp enemy can not go through bridge that's why enemies come through water.

At this time you can spot their location and kill them easily.

Have you tried this skill to kill enemies?

Share your feedback.
Thank you.

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