estes' exclusive scene!

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Oct 22

estes' "Blacklist Exclusive Stage" has been around for a while.
The skin effects are also very nice. The unique black and white design, and the sense of pressure, feel that estes is a god-like existence!
Even the connecting lines of the first skill are white and shiny.
And the second skill is more exaggerated,The release action is very handsome, and the release is also a stage created for the enemy. There are also estes exclusive characters in the center of the stage! Create a stage for the enemy, and then your teammates will rush up and take down this person immediately! The shiny stage gave him nowhere to hide!
Ult is even more amazing! Not only changed the rune behind, but also changed the temperament! It feels like the whole person has become violent! The skill released can lock his teammates tightly together, and it also proves that Estes will never abandon his teammates.
No matter how tired he is or how many wounds he has suffered, he will maximize all his interests. change! As long as he still exists on this battlefield, it will be crushed by the enemy's strength without counterattack!

Don't think I'm bad at writing... I've tried my best. Use my broken English and Google translate. …

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