It's Everyone Game

Oct 22 · Moderator

Today is a very good and consistent game for Malaysia Teams with all of them has their own best moments throughout all the 6 games played today.

Yoodo Alliance sees themselves in the Top 4 after a pretty outstanding games and almost getting Top 6 in every games played today, even gotten themselves a very good chicken dinner in Game 2.

4Rivals had a decent game today but they dropped their ranks substantially as those below them has started to catch up with them, but still the gap isn't that big among the top 11.

GeekFam might not has their best game in the first few matches, but they did managed to get themselves a chicken dinner in the last game. Making them sitting still at Top 12 from the bottom 2 ranking they had a match before.

To conclude, the game so far has been intense and exciting. Even though the Infinity has a small gap compared to the others, it is still not impossible to see a new champion this season.

Based on current states of the rankings, do you think The Infinity will be the first 2 times PMPL SEA champion?

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