💥Free Chicken Dinner Achievement (Pacifist)♣️ | Tips & Tricks

Rendang daging26
Oct 23

💥This Achievement is available in the Glorious Movement.

In this achievement, we need to win a classic match with Zero kill, then this Achievement is completed.

For this achievement there is an easy way to complete this Achievement you need to play A small Map like Nusa Livik and Karakin.These Maps 🗾 very helpful due the numbers of players are less than as compared to other maps that's you can easily survive.

You need to collect smoke and healing only full you beg with smoke grenade and Healing these two items are helpful for survival.

In the last Circle healing is helpful in Heal Battle.
In a gear front event this Achievement is also easily complete due to different skills that are available in this event.

You can use healing smoke skill for this achievement mission and also black market shop is helpful for purchasing healing and smoke.

When you come this Achievement you can get 20 Achievement points and also
Get a unique Pacifist title which means The observer that silently watches the slaughter.💥

⏩If you have done this Achievement share your experiences or the way how you will complete this Achievement?

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