Best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile

Aleena Zafar
Oct 23

PUBG Mobile will assign you graphics settings based on your phone or tablet’s hardware when you first log in. It’ll do a decent job of offering a good mixture between quality and performance, but you’ll need a lot more of that performance if you’re looking to hit the Conqueror rank.
🔸Graphics: Smooth
It doesn’t matter which device you use, almost all competitive players value simplicity over visual quality. Keeping your graphics in Smooth will let you unlock higher frame rates, making it easier to spot enemies.

🔸Frame rate: Extreme
This is the highest frame rate setting in PUBG Mobile, and using it will let you play the game as smoothly as possible.

🔸Style: Colorful
Color style usually depends on personal preference, but setting it to Colorful makes it slightly easier to notice vehicles and enemies with bright skins.

🔸Anti-aliasing: Disabled
Anti-aliasing is a huge resource-hog, and disabling will allow you to stabilize your frame rates.

🔸Colorblind mode: Personal preference
The colorblind options are usually reserved for players who have a hard time distinguishing specific colors. Despite not being color-blind, a handful of professional players prefer the Protanopia color-blind mode because of its color palette.

🔸Brightness: 118 percent
Increasing your brightness will help you spot enemies faster, but remember that you’ll need to turn it off when you play in fog maps since a higher brightness level does the opposite when there’s fog.

🔸Non-standard screens: Pick the screen type of your phone or tablet.

🔸Auto-adjust graphics: Disable
Keep this setting disabled to make sure your graphics settings don’t get reset.

What's your graphics settings? Share if you think you have best graphics settings.

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