Comparison of AKM Vs M762 and Who is the Best Close-Rang

Aleena Zafar
Oct 23

Hey guys, in this post, we will consider the comparison of two popular guns AKM Vs M762 and who is the best close-rang gun in PUBG Mobile.

🔸Comparison of AKM and M762 Weapon in PUBG Mobile

1.) Attachment
The AKM has three attachments, such as the muzzle, magazine and scope. Meanwhile, M762 has four attachments, such as the muzzle, magazine, scope, and foregrip. However, the foregrip option in the M762 makes it more stable than the AKM. 

2.) Recoil
The M762 has more recoil than the AKM but its attachment options help reduce recoil significantly. On the other hand, the recoil is more on the AKM because it only uses the compensator as an attachment.

3.) Damage
The AKM considerably more damage than the M762 . Statistics show that AKM can inflict a total damage of 48 and headshot damage 110 while M762 can only deal a total of 46 damage and headshot damge 105. Both guns can effectively knock down enemies wearing level 2 armor or level 3 helmet with 3-4 sprays.

4.) Fire Rate
Both guns have a high recoil but are very accurate in single fire mode. The M762 has a 10% higher fire rate than the AKM. While the AKM has a fire rate of 490 damage bullets per second, the M762 has a fire rate of 545 damage bullets per second. 
The M762, has three modes of fire: Single, Burst(3 bullets are fired) and Auto, on the other hand AKM has two firing mode: Single and Auto.

🔸AKM Vs M762 - Best Close Range Weapon

Both guns are one of the best damage guns. Both the M762 and AKM can be used in mid-range combat, but are harder to use in long-range combat. The M762 is a great option for close-range combat if the player can control the recoil. However, it is better to use AKM in single-firing mode.  

I prefer to use AKM in close range also AKM some time for long range or midd range with no scope.
what would you like to use AKM or M762?
What you think which is best? share your thoughts.

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