OG out of TI11 – fall to a resurgent Team Liquid

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Oct 24

As we head into the final few matches at TI11, Dota 2 fans are often torn between who to support. Should they support PSG.LGD, Team Liquid, OG? Or the South American teams? It’s a tough question, but so is the case when playing the most important Dota 2 tournament of your life. OG and Team Liquid went head to head in an elimination match, one that could be the last match for Matumbaman or it could be a chance for the OG youngsters to showcase their skill.

The first game between OG and Team Liquid was as close as it gets. OG picked Leshrac, Slark and a Shadow Demon. Taiga’s Shadow Demon was crucial to OG’s draft as the hero provides aggression as well as defensive saves, a flexibility not many heroes provide in Dota 2.

Team Liquid had a very dominant laning stage, often getting kills on Misha’s Lich. But with their supports dying, the cores on OG’s Dota 2 roster had all the space required to farm freely. OG kept up in terms of net worth, despite being severely behind in net worth. Most of the networth upticks for OG were on the back of excellently positioned teamfights and crucial targeting of enemy players.

Team Liquid, however, was clearly dominating OG. The difference in the kill scoreboard was evident, but the networth lead was not widening. OG managed an excellent teamwipe around the 21 minute mark, raising hopes for a potential OG comeback into the game. 

But Team Liquid recouped and took complete control of the game shortly after. Team Liquid ended Game 1 with a 32-11 victory and a 13,209 net worth lead. MATUMBAMAN might be potentially playing his last series at this TI, but that has not stopped him from putting up superhuman performance after another.

Team Liquid picked up Crystal Maiden, one of the most picked heroes at this TI11. There’s a lot that goes in favor of Crystal Maiden from her ability to deal consistent damage from range as well as in the later stages of the game, her ability to possibly channel her ultimate without dying in 1-2 hits.

But another support that has gained considerable popularity recently is the Snapfire. Misha picked the Snapfire with Taiga’s Tiny, the duo were able to put forth a considerable amount of damage in the early game. But as the laning phase progressed, Crystal Maiden’s ability to consistently output more damage and allow her teammates to deal more damage over time allowed Team Liquid to take an advantage. 

Micke had a very dominating game on his Leshrac. Dealing huge amounts of magical damage, he was able to run through the enemy lineup. Ultimately, Team Liquid’s lead was simply insurmountable for OG.

Team Liquid advance at TI11 and will next face Thunder Awaken in the lower bracket. Meanwhile, OG finish TI11 in the 7-8th plcae and will take home 2.5% of the prize pool.

The Dota 2 TI11 is currently underway at the Suntec City in Singapore. The event features the best Dota 2 teams from all over the world who are competing for a share of the prize pool as well as glory. There are only a handful of teams left at the TI11 playoffs and Dota 2 fans can stay updated with all the TI11 live scores here.

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