beastcoast members tested positive for COVID

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Oct 24

beastcoast has announced that several members of their team have tested positive for COVID. The squad has yet to specify which players were affected, if any. However, they have confirmed that they will play their next game without their coach, Thomas Jaulis “Valqui” Romero. The announcement dropped on social media on October 22nd.

Update: Beastcoast is playing with just one player on stage.

Prior to the official announcement, there was a rumor posted on Reddit which cited three beastcoast players testing positive for COVID. The post stated that one of the Peruvian talents confirmed the rumor. However, that post has been removed by a moderator.

Another Reddit user posted a screenshot of an Instagram story by Phillip Chu Joy, a renowned Peruvian television presenter and video game specialist. “The bears will return to the main stage. Three beastcoast players tested positive for COVID and will play from the hotel.” said Joy (translated via Google). It can be assumed that Joy is the aforementioned Peruvian talent.

Colin Bashor, beastcoast general manager, later tweeted his frustration regarding Valve’s decision to bar the team’s coach from the next game against PSG.LGD. “I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is that it feels like we’re being penalized for being sick when we’ve abided by all COVID rules for the event. Especially because we’re playing against a team that failed to abide by those rules previously in the event.” said Bashor.

PSG.LGD general manager, Pan Fei, was discovered to be COVID positive on October 13th. However, because Fei was not a part of the official TI11 party, the organization decided to not report the case to Valve officials. As a result, they lost first pick priority in their series against Royal Never Give Up (RNG). All but one RNG players later tested positive for COVID and had to forfeit their group stage match against PSG.LGD.

During the playoffs, only Yap “xNova” Jian Wei made it to the main stage while the rest of his teammates played from the hotel. There are no further sources confirming the rumor of beastcoast players contracting COVID. However, if the rumors are true, fans can expect the return of teddy bears onto TI11 main stage.

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