Tundra continue 2-0’s against Aster in the TI11 upper bracket round 2 series

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Oct 24

The upper bracket match between Tundra and Aster took place on the main stage of TI11. Tundra showed complete dominance, and continued the trend of 2-0’s on the main stage. Both games featured relatively non-meta picks like Slark, Chaos Knight and Doom, which lead to some incredible Dota being played. With their win, Tundra moves on to the upper bracket final to take on Secret with a secured top 3 finish at TI11.

In quite a surprise, the vast majority of the series between teams at TI11 have been 2-0’s. Tundra has continued this trend with their series against Aster. In game 2, the combination of Doom and Chaos Knight was too consistently strong for the teamfighting lineup of Aster. In game 2, thanks to some overextensions from Aster and good pick offs from Tundra, the game swung back into the fins of Skiter’s Slark.

Although game 1 was not really close, with Tundra building a steady lead throughout the whole game. On the other hand, game 2 was much closer, as the game only turned into Tundra’s favor after 30 minutes. You can check out both games of Tundra vs Aster at TI11 on Dotabuff here.

The TI11 meta has been fast developing. A heavy emphasis has been put on armor reduction and big right click damage with Marci and shadow Fiend. However, as teams are starting to find out ways to deal with the TI11 meta, Lich has come into fruition as a solution. Lich has become a premier pick for teams as the bonus armor and damage reduction that Frost Shield provides negates the main meta staples.

Tundra support player Sneyking has had an incredible showing at TI11. Tundra as a whole is known for their somewhat off meta picks. But, when so much of the current meta is reliant of the position four to win the game, teams normally pick what’s been working. Sneyking, however, not so much. Tundra’s Sneyking has played Mirana consistently over TI11 and against Aster and has left the Dota community in shock.

With perfect stuns, agression and all-round playmaking, Sneyking’s Mirana should be feared. But the dominance on PoTM makes some sense for Sneyking. As Mirana is one of Sneyking’s go to heroes and has been over his career. Even on Liquipedia, Mirana is considered one of his signature heroes.

With tons of fan-favorite teams eliminated, the bracket for TI11 gets smaller and smaller. However, the Tundra and Aster was only an upper bracket match. Meaning that Aster will face off against the winner of Beastcoast and PSG.LGD in the fifth round of the TI11 lower bracket. On the other hand, Tundra will take on Team Secret in the upper bracket finals of TI11.

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